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Are you familiar with psychic driving and subliminal messaging:

Have you been an unwitting subject of human experimentation?

"...the CIA and the DOD had conducted experiments on both cognizant and unwitting human subjects as part of an extensive program to influence and control human behavior through the use of psychoactive drugs (such as LSD and mescaline) and other chemical, biological, and psychological means."


Consider this piece of legislation that was shot down (Thanks Mr. K.):

" systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations..."


"The A3D is a highly directional device that can be hand-held or vehicle mounted. It directs an acoustic beam, which has tailorable intensity, and is used as a public address system, to focus on a specific individual or to deliver aversive sounds to alter a combatant's behavior."


See also: 

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BTW: FYI: Radiofrequency eTorture causes a range of horribly excruciating bio effects including: constant painful high frequency noise, chronic dry eye, chronic dry sinus cavities, chronic dry throat, violent coughing fits, violent sneezing fits, repetitious swallowing, a drowning sensation caused by repetitious swallowing and sudden overproduction of saliva, shallow breathing, reduced oxygen intake, spasms, twitches, shaking, jerking, itching, burned skin, a rash that looks like tiny blood blisters, disabling stomach cramps, disabling motion sickness, cloudy vision, eye jitter, dramatic change in the viscosity of tears, perspiration, buggers, and other bodily excretions, dramatic changes in facial expressions, laughing fits, lack of hunger pangs, lack of hunger and thirst, voracious appetite, inability to yawn, buzzing sleep deprivation, etc.

Some Personal Experience: 

The United States Intelligence Community has been eMolesting me since grade school.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says the United States Secret Service has the weapons that force me to hear an excruciating high frequency noise, burn the surface of my skin, and eMolest my sensitive areas.

One Agent claimed his job with the Agency involves plotting against the Presidential Protection Team.

The U.S. Government eCommunicated with me in my parent's home and in my public school classroom.

Once, at a party at my parent's friend's house, I was instructed to spy on my own parents (mind control).

When I was around 13, a neighbor asked me to babysit his children, gave me a huge collection of popular porn magazines, and then the eAgent instructed me to go into the bathroom and masturbate.

I was actually eCoached how to throw a certain type of block while playing football in 9th grade.

I was informed that our house was bugged and was asked: "What would you do if you were kidnapped"?

I was subsequently instructed what to do if I were kidnapped.

About a year later, they put me in an eHypnotic trance and directed me out of my parent's house.  The U.S. Intelligence Agent who met me at the head of the block where we lived did not identify himself until I began to come out of the trance in his upstairs bedroom (where he was blocking the only exit).  After flashing his Eagle credentials on me, he offered me a soda pop. I was so scared my knees buckled.

That was my first Official debriefing (My indoctrination into the school of "hard" NOCs).

They placed me in the same eHypnotic trance at another neighbor's house on a babysitting assignment.

They informed me in an eHypnotic stupor that they were outside the window filming.

I came out of the trance and immediately realized what was going on.

That was one of the shortest assignments ever, lasting only a matter of minutes.

My Mom was like: I thought you were babysitting? What are you doing home so soon?

The eTorture continued and even intensified throughout my high school and college years.

I enlisted in the Military to acquire training that would afford me an opportunity to work abroad.

I received my Top Secret Security Clearance and was invited to train with the Navy Seals.

I declined the Seals' invitation. (I don't approve of Government Agents eMolesting children.)

I am a non-combatant, conscientious objector:

I became aware of serious violations on the Base where I was enrolled in the Nuclear Power Program.

I reported said violations to the proper authorities who ordered me to return to said hostile environment.

After the Navy, I was assigned to guard various Office buildings on the State Capitol grounds.

The Captain said he hired me because I still retained my Top Secret Security Clearance.

They put me in a hypnotic trance and got me to go with some women. One said she was seventeen.

They put me in a hypnotic trance via directed energy weapons and got me to go with some men.

I like to think I like guys as much as the next guy but, let's face it, an anus is not a vagina.

For David, with Love: Matthew 11:23 & Matthew Chapter 19 & Isaiah 56:3-5 & Romans 1:26-28

I was eBriefed about gender reassignment while on a mission in San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

While being eBriefed for the Michael Jackson thingy, I sustained a disabling injury at work.

The damage to my knee was not corrected with physical therapy and arthroscopic surgery.

I was eInstructed precisely when and where to apply for my Social Security Disability Benefits.

I presented medical evidence from the Approved Orthopedic Surgeon who operated on my knee.

The United States Government bore False Witness against me in the Determination Letter (Fraud).

I promptly reported said Fraud to the proper authorities. See more at:

I have also submitted additional surgical photos that were taken during subsequent surgeries.

My Approved Orthopedic Surgeon submitted a disability report with the Cali Worker's Comp office.

When I reported said Fraud to the DOJ and the FBI, it was not corrected.

I have also been falsely arrested/detained on several occasions (No formal charges were ever brought).

One agent called himself Michael Jackson and "the devil" during a brief detention in Santa Barbara.

Incidentally, the United States Government assigned me the codename: jesus.

I have actually been given many code names over the decades...

There has also been too much street theatre. The first flash mob I encountered was in the late seventies.

Agents of the United States Government have instructed me to sign certain documents without my being able to read said documents (eye jitter caused by radiofrequency weapons assault).

When I flat-out refused to sign said documents, they put me in a mind control grade eHypnotic trance.

Said documents are not worth the paper they were printed on:

They have made me stop breathing, thrown me down on the ground, and slammed me into a wall.

They've even gone so far as to threaten to kidnap my child unless I did what they told me to do.

Operation Dollar Drop | The Far Side of the Twilight Zone | A Sudden Storm

That's the mission where they threatened to molest my child with the biological Mom's permission.

On Father's Day 2013 they threatened to kill my child. (They have also threatened to kill me.)

On March 28, 2014 they admitted to eMolesting me as a child but are continuing to eMolest me.

The brood of vipers who assault and rape me asked me where their enemy was going to attack them next.

Consider Ezekiel Chapter 14

The phenomena of microwave hearing has moved from pops and clicks to voices and images.

Additional Reading on "security of person": (See Article 3) 

Mine is a non-official type command (NOC). Therefore, if you have met me and were not entirely thrilled with my "command" performance, (i.e. something the section chief has instructed me to do or say during an eHypnotic stupor) please feel free to write to your Congressperson and/or contact your local field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at

For Parents and Guardians: The Government's high tech sex toys operate as an eVagina and eDildo. 

From where I'm sitting, it does not appear that the United States Government was ever interested in hooking-up "liberty and justice for all". And that makes the Pledge of Allegiance a bald-faced lie.

Is this why you think governments are instituted among men? To enslave a brothel boy for decades?

Have you read Deuteronomy 32:17 ~ Do you know what "apotheosis" means?

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