Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am a U.S. Intelligence Agent who is (non-consensually) being tortured via directed energy weapons.

When I contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) they informed me that the United States Secret Service has the directed energy weapons. When I asked the FBI to tell the Secret Service to stop shooting me with the directed energy weapons, I was instructed to contact that Agency directly.
Please bear in mind that I have not been formally charged with any crime...

I was arrested, booked and fingerprinted; No formal charges were ever brought (no Arraignment). Because the District Attorney's Office did not bring formal charges, no attorney was appointed.

I was treated like a criminal even though the Agency was well aware of my innocence at the time.
It has been my experience that false arrests provide the counterfeit credentials that have facilitated my clandestine work within organizations I would not normally have had access to.

A staged jailhouse drama allows the Agency to place me on the inside of specific organizations after I am "mysteriously" released like Kevin Spacey's character in The Usual Suspects.

Have you ever noticed how some screen writers appear to possess insider information?
Jeff Rabin: "I'm telling you this guy is protected from up on high by the Prince of Darkness."

Who would ever suspect a gimp like me of being an Intelligence Agent? Yoda?

Directed energy weapons employ precise targeting. And, 24/7 surveillance is meticulously thorough. 

My GPS coordinates are known to the Duty Officer (and discoverable on a need to know basis).

In layman's terms, it is known where I am; and where I ain't (and if I'm entertaining company).
Because of these facts, I cannot possibly be a suspect of any "legitimate" investigation.

Please understand that any investigation of an "invented crime" is inherently open-ended (by design)...

Here is a for-instance: I did not cause a non-holographic, hand-sledgehammer to disappear from the shadow of a certain tree sculpture In Los Angeles; and then cause it to reappear in my luggage on the next block (near the Bonaventure Hotel - the one with those fishy fountains in the lobby); and then cause it to disappear again in front of multiple witnesses in broad daylight (no matter how many guys in suits may agree to suspect me of having performed such a magnificent feat of magic).

I heard that a skillful illusionist can cause the circumstances whereby a select audience may imagine that a building, or a Jumbo Jet has disappeared.

Also, there are certain technologies that may cause temporary flash blindness:

I am not a sorcerer; I do consulting (critical analysis) and investigate off-white collar crime.

Have you ever seen a film where Robert Redford's character (CIA agent) reads books?

Does Uncle Sam want you too?

Do you like reading, writing, theater, art, adventure, people, service work, science...

...speaking of science: have you heard how a well trained weapons specialist can use a sonic weapon to blast a tiny stone without disrupting the surrounding organ tissue?

Here are some other reported uses of the Technology:

"The A3D is a highly directional device that can be hand-held or vehicle mounted. It directs an acoustic beam, which has tailorable intensity, and is used as a public address system, to focus on a specific individual or to deliver aversive sounds to alter a combatant's behavior."

General Myers and Former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld fielding questions from the Press:
The Space Preservation Act of 2001:
" systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations..."
Source: 107th Congress (2001-2002) H.R.2977.IH

Chuck de Caro | CNN Special Assignments | Radiofrequency Weapons

Voice of Allah:

"This non-lethal weapon is based on the well established microwave auditory effect (MAE). MAE results in a strong sound sensation in the human head when it is irradiated with specifically selected microwave pulses of low energy. Through the combination of pulse parameters and pulse power, it is possible to raise the auditory sensation to the “discomfort” level, deterring personnel from entering a protected perimeter or, if necessary, temporarily incapacitating particular individuals."

V2K Voice to Skull Devices:
"Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports."

When I was working on the MJJ Sting, they did Michael Douglass, Harrison Ford, and my child.

Have you ever wondered where a man might get the idea his neighbor's dog was talking to him?

Silent Subliminal Messaging Device:

Did you hear about the guy who carved "MY ELF" in the stock of his sawed-off shotgun?

See also:

"..."infrasound," can travel long distances permeating buildings, cutting through dense forests, and even passing through mountains. The lower the frequency, the farther the distance the sound can travel." Source:

"British scientists have shown in a controlled experiment that the extreme bass sound known as infrasound produces a range of bizarre effects in people, including anxiety, extreme sorrow and chills..." Source:

"...the CIA and the DOD had conducted experiments on both cognizant and unwitting human subjects as part of an extensive program to influence and control human behavior through the use of psychoactive drugs (such as LSD and mescaline) and other chemical, biological, and psychological means."
"The Committee notes that much documentation related to the CIA's program of secret experimentation, including MKULTRA, has long since been destroyed, and, therefore, we cannot state with certainty what policy(ies) underlay human experiments in these programs or whether such policies included national security exceptions."

"The Advisory Committee finds that the government did not routinely undertake to create records needed to ensure that secret programs could be understood and accounted for in later years and that it did not adequately maintain such records where they were created. The Committee further finds that many important record collections (including records that were not initially classified) have been maintained in a manner that renders them practically inaccessible to those who need them, thereby limiting the utility of the records to the government itself, as well as the public's rights under the Freedom of Information Act."

"Enacted on July 4, 1966, and taking effect one year later, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides that any person has a right, enforceable in court, to obtain access to federal agency records, except to the extent that such records (or portions of them) are protected from public disclosure by one of nine exemptions or by one of three special law enforcement record exclusions. A FOIA request can be made for any agency record. Before sending a request to a federal agency, you should determine which agency is likely to have the records you are seeking. Each agency’s website will contain information about the type of records that agency maintains. The FOIA is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. Under the FOIA, agencies must disclose any information that is requested – unless that information is protected from public disclosure. The FOIA also requires that agencies automatically disclose certain information, including frequently requested records. As Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court have all recognized, the FOIA is a vital part of our democracy."

Some background information:

I'm a non-combatant conscientious objector who was forced into government service as a child.

I always got really good grades in school, excelled at sports, and was chosen by my peers to serve as team captain. I was even selected to perform the lead role in the school play.

Then, one day, the teacher informed the class that "our" Government was searching for folks with ESP.

I did not volunteer to stare at goats or donkeys. Consider what Catholic Tradition says about such things:

Once upon a time, an Agent actually asked me where their enemy was going to attack them next.

Once upon another time, an Agent asked me if they should order the evacuation of Houston, Texas.

Could it be that the Agency has resurrected Project: STAR GATE? (aka SUN STREAK aka GRILL FLAME aka CENTER LANE by DIA aka INSCOM, and SCANATE by CIA)

In '05, an Agent informed me that the "intoxicating" wave is the same one they use on the President.

During the Clinton Administration, I was beamed off in a moving vehicle. Operation Moving Violation.

During the Bush Administration, I was beamed off studying for work. Operation Shoot the Moon.

Consider what President Obama says about the type of slavery that is going on right now in the U.S. at the sweat shop/brothel/black site where I am currently being tortured and hobbled so I can barely walk:

When a little girl is...imprisoned in a brothel and tortured if she resists -- that’s slaveryIt is barbaric, and it is evil, and it has no place in a civilized world.

"But for all the progress that we’ve made, the bitter truth is that trafficking also goes on right here, in the United States."

"In short, we’re making clear that American tax dollars must never, ever be used to support the trafficking of human beings.  We will have zero tolerance.  We mean what we say.  We will enforce it."

"We’ll strengthen training, so investigators and law enforcement are even better equipped to take action -- and treat victims as victims, not as criminals."

"Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time, and the United States will continue to lead it -- in partnership with you.  The change we seek will not come easy, but we can draw strength from the movements of the past.  For we know that every life saved -- in the words of that great Proclamation -- is "an act of justice," worthy of "the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God."

Them are some mighty fancy words! But, even after I contacted the hotline number that the White House suggested, nothing changed. Then, over the July 4th weekend 2014, the Agency (non-consensually) beamed me off during President Obama's Watch.

Did you notice how President Obama uses the sympathetic expression "little girl" (as opposed to "little girl or boy" or "someone"?

Now, consider his second reference to some "brothel girl":

"Right now, there is a girl, somewhere trapped in a brothel, crying herself to sleep again, and maybe daring to imagine that some day, just maybe, she might be treated not like a piece of property, but as a human being."

As a analyst, I must conclude: (unless President Obama has intimate knowledge of some specific "little girl" who is trapped in a brothel, crying herself to sleep again), he is merely referring to some "proverbial" little girl (as opposed to a proverbial little girl and/or boy who are imprisoned in a brothel and tortured if they resist. Or a grown man who is currently imprisoned in a brothel and tortured if he resists).

The President's assessment is discriminatory in nature. I am a brothel boy/man. Don't I count?

I observed similar discriminatory treatment with reference to the subject of child molestation during my investigation of the Catholic Church.

When it comes to child molestation, little boys appear to be the choice of offenders. In fact, even a superficial survey of human physiology reveals that little girls lack the necessary "qualifications". If you know how "gay" works, then simply imagine a much more manageable, small scale version of the object of affection. It's all "terribly" scientific, boys and girls.

Here is a link where you can read the Official Presidential Proclamation:

To date, the U.S. Intelligence Community has not enforced the Official Presidential Proclamation.

Perhaps they are bowing down to another Washington? Do you know what "apotheosis" means?

Consider the implications of: Deuteronomy 32:17

What happened to the so-called Wall of Separation?

See also: Acts of the Apostles 19:23-35 and

My Open Letter for President Obama:

Peace be with you.

I am relieved to hear that Operation Downward Trajectory is a Secret Service training exercise.

Did the Intelligence Community brief you about my Shepherd (Keeper)/Master/Teacher?

Have you seen David Bowie's portrayal of Governor Pilate? Quite riveting. Change? John 6:15

I hope you're enjoying my much abbreviated "pelican brief".

The Agency keeps beating me up and telling me to "take it down" (which doesn't make much sense since they're the ones who advised me (under hypnosis) not to comply with any request not submitted in writing).

Based on my Political Science training, not only is it my Right; it's my Duty as an American Citizen to reject absolute Despotism and establish new guards for my future security.

I ain't talkin' 'bout no light and transient reasons, neither; I'm talkin' a long train of usurpations:

The Agency has been assaulting me and molesting my sensitive areas since third grade.

I was taught a scientific method of relieving myself because of what I was workin' with back then.

Agents eCommunicated with me in my parent's two story home - split level home - and ranch style home.

An Agent instructed me to spy on my own parents during a party outside of the family home.

The Agency claimed our house was bugged and that they were listening to my parent's conversations.

Once upon a time, an Agent asked me what I would do if I were kidnapped. I was flabbergasted (to say the least) and was subsequently instructed what to do if I were kidnapped; pretend you're happy about the situation and petition the leader of the gang about the possibility of teaming-up with them. (mole training)

At the age of 13, while on a babysitting assignment at an across the street neighbor's house, after being placed into a hypnotic state and given a bizarre set of instructions not to go into the other part of the house to check on the children, I was offered a huge collection of mainstream magazines and a large, captain's chair. After dude left the house (and I had familiarized myself with the location of the pop-out pages, the Forum, and the cartoons) an Agent told me to take care of some business in the bathroom.

I obeyed the home owner's "out-loud" command and disobeyed the eAgent's "silent-subliminal" mess.

About a year later, they put me in an eHypnotic trance and directed me all the way out of my parent's house. The U.S. Secret Service Agent who met me at the head of the street did not identify himself until I began to come out of the trance in his upstairs bedroom (where he was blocking the only exit). He flashed his Eagle Credentials on me, named the Agency, and asked: "Do you know who we are?" I was so scared my knees buckled. The only place to sit down was on the bed. He offered me a soda pop and a smile.

I have a vivid image of me standing in the middle of that bedroom with my pants down around my ankles.

That was my first Official debriefing/briefing (My indoctrination into the school of hard NOCs).

Not long afterwards, they placed me in the same type of eHypnotic trance at another neighbor's house during a babysitting assignment. I was informed that they were outside the window filming said eHypnotic stupor.

When I came out of the trance a few minutes later, I realized what the Government was up to. I was so relieved to have snapped out of the trance when I did. My head had begun smoking like a ninja cow in a Wizard City Pagoda. That humiliating experience became a proverbial line in the proverbial sand for me.

The neighbors returned immediately and the babysitting assignment was abruptly terminated.

Operation Dirty DieDee was one of my shortest Assignments (lasting only a matter of minutes).

My Mom was like: I thought you were babysitting for the neighbors? What are you doing back so soon?

Incidentally: no one taught me how to change a dirty diaper until I changed my own child's dirty diaper.

Just before we moved to another state, that Station House was sanitized like a public facing toilet bowl.

This stuff really happened in affluent suburbs where warning signs read: "Slow children at play"

The eTorture continued (and even intensified) throughout my high school and college years.

The Agency "suggested" I ask my Mom for a brand new teddy bear as a gift. Then they instructed me to play nice nice with said fuzzy teddy (among other things while under the influence of hypnosis).

I was instructed to remove a book from the High School library without checking it out. The Agency instructed me specifically how to circumvent the security measures that were in place.

We knocked-over a dilapidated pinball machine under hypnosis. The lock was hanging by a silver thread.

When the Agency followed me from my local College to the University in the big city where I became responsible for my own room and board, I had the evidence I needed. I dropped out of College and joined the military to acquire specialized training that would afford me an opportunity to work and live abroad.

After being recruited for the U.S. Navy's nuclear power program, (and mandatory background investigation due to national security concerns surrounding nuclear power) I received my Top Secret Security Clearance.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the barn but I did hear a saying about iron sharpening iron...

During Basic Training, I was appointed as a squad leader and invited to train with the Navy Seals.

Naturally, I declined their cordial invitation. It was known to me that Special Forces were at play...

During A-School, I became aware of serious violations on the Base where I was stationed.

I reported said violations (the exact nature of which I prefer not to divulge) to the proper authorities.

Following our investigation, the Universal Code of Military Justice was amended.

After the Navy, I landed a job guarding Government Office buildings on the State Capitol grounds.

The Captain said he had hired me because I still retained my Top Secret Security Clearance.

The Corporal said he liked my detailed reports (they had taught us attention to detail in the Military). 

As a citizen "adventurer", the Intelligence briefings and associated abuses continued...

The Agency put me in a deep eHypnotic trance and got me to go with a handful of women and men.

Consider the following page from the CIA's Library located at:

Obedience in Trance

"From real life there are a fair number of cases on record dating before 1900, particularly among the German-speaking peoples, claiming hypnotically induced criminal behavior, mostly sex offenses. It is hard to evaluate these cases scientifically at this late date; frequently it was relatives of the subject, rather than the offender himself, that charged hypnotic influence. Within recent years, however, three documented cases in which hypnosis is said to have played a role in criminal behavior have been reported--by Kroener,18 Mayer,14 and Reiter.21 These three cases have a common element: in each a dissatisfied person found gratification through the individual who later became his seducing hypnotist. It will be sufficient to examine one of them.

In the case reported by Kroener a young and sensitive unmarried male schoolteacher came under the hypnotic influence of a neighbor. Beginning with neighborly hospitality, the neighbor built up the relationship to the point where he was able by hypnotic suggestion to get the schoolteacher to give or lend him small sums of money and goods. As a test of his power he then implanted the post-hypnotic suggestion that the schoolteacher would shoot himself in the left hand. The schoolteacher actually did shoot himself in the left elbow, subjectively perceiving the event as an accident. Finally the hypnotist caused his victim to confess to crimes that he himself had committed. Throughout the entire affair, lasting five years, the schoolteacher had no recollection of the hypnotic sessions. He was convicted on the basis of his post-hypnotic confession, but through a chance remark began to suspect the nature of his relationship with his neighbor. After many appeals, he was recommended for examination to Kroener, who eventually uncovered the true course of events by re-hypnotizing him and causing him to remember the hypnotic experiences with his neighbor."

Would you approve of your child being recruited for such a "program"? Or would you fight tooth and nail?

When I confessed some of what had been going on to my X-wife, the Agency went ballistic! They ratcheted up the torture; threatened to kidnap our child; and threatened me with permanent disfigurement...

I took their kidnapping threat seriously (after all, the Agency had hypnotized me out of my parent's house and into the upstairs bedroom of their Eagle's Nest that enjoyed line of sight with both of the other houses).

Did you happen to notice those flat black and white faces of children on milk cartons (dripping with perspiration), on wanted posters inside the local Walmart, and on a TV show hosted by John Walsh?

After Operation [ARM-321] came Operation Dollar Drop aka Far Side of the Twilight Zone.

This Operation was total street theater from start to finish. The Agency was chatting up a "storm" before, during, and after the movie theater; broadcasting what I was supposed to do and say every step of the way; and threatening to kidnap our child if I failed to comply. We call that aspect: leverage; collateral; illegal.

On Father's Day 2013, the Agency threatened to kill the very child I refused to allow them to recruit.

In case you are not aware of the advanced stages of parenting, consider: Genesis Chapter 49 

I have had a long and storied career as a U.S. Intelligence Agent...

Think of me as an extra in a movie about you. Essentially, I'm the Government's proverbial foot in the door.

In 1999, an Agent asked me who I wanted to play me in a movie about me. They suggested Tom Cruise.

In the mid 90s, the Agency had begun briefing me as an operative for the Michael Jackson thingy. It appeared MJJ had become the Intelligence Community's little darlin' (Obsession).

IMO: The OP "possessed" the "feel" of a "witch-hunt".

At one point, an Agent with the United States Intelligence Community asked me: If he was found guilty, would I serve his sentence? How utterly preposterous! See: Matthew 16:27 & Ezekiel 18:30

My training prompted me to consider the following questions:

IF: it was known that MJJ was guilty, why would the Agency say: "if" he was found guilty?

Surely, the Agency could simply use 24/7 surveillance? Don't guess, no. Don't guess, know.

Did the remodel of the house at Neverland afford the King of Pop Faraday cage grade shielding?

Did the Agency require someone on the inside of the house? An agent who piqued MJJ's interest.

What tickles your fancy? Might magic do the trick?

Have you ever met anyone like me in real life:

Neverland had always felt like the psyche-logical place for a possible meet and greet (epicenter). In '98 or '99, I actually received a chilling report that some shadowy group was storming the gates of Neverland. Years later, it appeared to come true when detectives, helicopters, and news crews took the place by storm.
I resisted the Agency's recruitment efforts as long as I could but they cranked up the torture to the point where, finally, (after my nose got busted for doing what they told me to do under HIP-nose-SIS) I decided to play along like a good little mole (Have you ever studied the Mule in Foundation and Empire?)

My thinking was, IF I discovered MJJ was being unjustly persecuted by the Intelligence Community (like myself) and, IF an opportunity arose, I would do my level best to warn MJJ (even if the Agency killed me).

The Agency kept asking me if I was planning to go to New York City to see MJJ just before 911 hit.

Have you ever seen a film with Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones (among others) where some naive undercover operative was being set up as an assassin's fall guy?

Once, an Agent actually identified them-self as Michael Jackson inside the Police Station in Solvang.

At a hotel in Lompoc, an Agent asked me if I would be willing to "know" Michael Jackson.

Consider: Leviticus Chapters 18 & 20 - Genesis 19:4-5 & Matthew 11:23

It seemed the kind of thing MJJ, his mommy, his security team, and his lawyers might be interested in.

I've often wondered if Beat (The Agency's codename for MJJ) was tipped off by my writings and antics.

I'm referencing some of my writings and slapstick routines collectively as: Operation Cookie Jar.

I penned a book on an insecure OS that kept getting hacked and was eventually seized by the cops.

(I had studied about the sacking of Troy many years prior. Also, I was aware of exploding blue dye.)

After reading the book Peter Pan (for the surveillance team), I wrote a piece about Peter Pan being the son of Santa Claus and discovering a hidden listening device (Apparently, it was well received. An Agent said we had to decide how to split the proceeds. A film with a similar theme was later released in movie theaters.)

I wrote a piece about the Oleander bushes in which an Agent claimed someone was hiding. I was informed that someone was watching me through my kitchen window while I was singing and dancing and chatting and writing. Every year, that hedgerow produced gallons of milky white flowers. I also had a fondness for the annual appearance of swarms of corn worm moths that I initially mistook for butterflies. I took poetic license and weaved the two events together in one magical tale about a powerful sorcerer who caused the oleander blossoms to magically spring to life and become butterflies which instinctively winged their way across a salty pool of tears toward the quintessential essence of their magic. Namely, my Michael Jackson (composite sketch). 

"It was the time of white butterflies in the Valley of Hope..."

"Even now, wild beasts prowl on padded paw in search of blood in the woods surrounding the Neverland."

I wrote: "Quoth the raven: Never land!" (Hearkening back to the O.J. Simpson slow motion chase scene.)

And: "I'm the private eye who cracked the Michael {Jacobs} stalker case..." (I actually had an opportunity to recite some of my stuff at an open mic in the public park situated in front of Santa Barbara City Hall).

I'm still being burned (hard) and, there has even been some chatter about a possible "Obstruction" charge.

As far as I know, I cannot be charged with Obstruction of a Federal Investigation because I was never Officially briefed concerning any Official Investigation.

Eventually, the Assignment morphed into a massive sting operation whose tentacles reached Neverland Valley Ranch, Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services (ADMHS), the Santa Barbara County Mental Health Commission, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian, Valley Community Counseling, the Catholic Church, and Telecare Corp. (a for profit group where the Agency ordered me to park myself in a holding pattern and do some consulting work). 

A brief word on psycho-logical leveraging techniques:

While being eBriefed for the Michael Jackson thingy, I sustained a disabling injury at work.

Initially, securing medical treatment was like pulling teeth. Some guy in the Big Boss's office that I had never seen before actually said: We think there's nothing wrong with your knee. We think it's all in your head.

The damage to my knee was not corrected with physical therapy and arthroscopic surgery. The Orthopedic Surgeon said he had to remove huge chunks of my meniscus because of a compound tear that had been missed by the MRI and had only became visible when he stuck a camera inside my knee and took pictures.

Following the initial surgery and temporary disability the company hosted an all you could eat crow-fest.

I went back to work on light duty status and attached to various other departments. In one of those, there was a huge explosion that blew the roof off! I had warned them about OSHA violations too.

There was also a lame attempt at physical therapy by a company that later went out of business.

I was fired for failure to perform at previous levels of what the company had rated: exemplary.

After being briefed day and night for years, the Agency instructed me precisely when and where to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. I honestly believed there was a supplemental job displacement benefits available for persons with a permanent partial disability caused by an injury, and whose employer did not offer other work. Of interest:

I presented medical evidence from the Approved Orthopedic Surgeon who operated on my knee.

SSA bore False Witness against me in the Determination Letter (Fraud). (False Witness is a sin, y'all.)

I promptly reported said Fraud to all the proper authorities. The situation was not corrected and the authority's nonchalant attitude about said Felony suggested it was my forced cover for the MJJ Sting.

I worked diligently for years at becoming entrenched in Santa Ynez Valley (and rehabilitating my knee).

Eventually, a competent Doctor confirmed the seriousness of my only "complaint".

His competent investigation revealed a white fibrous growth that was causing my knee to seize and buckle.

I promptly submitted the additional evidence to the Social Security Administration including the photos that were taken during the two subsequent arthroscopic surgeries.

My Approved Orthopedic Surgeon submitted a disability report to the Worker's Compensation Office.

When I reported the Social Security Fraud to the DOJ and the FBI, it was still not corrected...

These facts constitute glaring evidence of corruption.

Agents have threatened kidnapping and financial ruin when I refused to sign my child away. Also, I had no opportunity to even read said documents due to eye jitter caused by the directed energy weapons assault. After I refused to sign, they hypnotized me.

They have threatened to kill me and have even claimed to be "slow-killing" me.

Once, they instructed me to cross the street, go up on the roof of a particular building, and jump off. I have also been commanded to jump from other heights and was even instructed specifically how to plunge a knife into my own heart (during forced governmental grade hypnosis).    ~ Suicide? Perish the thought. ~

Once upon a time, a Director of a Veteran's Program recommended that if I played the game right, then I could qualify for Grants and Per Diem Benefits. He said, all I had to do was put on a sad face, go into the Emergency room, and say I was depressed. Then doors would open, he added.

In San Jose, a Veteran's Administration Doctor told me I could collect Social Security Disability Benefits if I went up to Oakland and dropped my drawers. (A reference to Operation Cold Feet).

I was informed that the Russians were coming to San Jose to observe my being "controlled" ('90).

More recently, Agents have offered me a specific house in the neighborhood and a car.

While polishing this post on 19JUN14, an Agent asked: "What do you want?"

My parents taught me a long time ago: If everyone is jumping off a bridge... Are you going to too? 

I was tortured during an international flight in 2007. And when I applied for asylum in Denmark, I was beaten severely. I was denied my right to travel to a third-party country. My State appointed lawyer expressed her dislike for Iran and suggested Sweden as a viable alternative. I explained to said lawyer that according to International Law, if I applied for asylum in another country within the European Union, they would be required (by Treaty) to send me back to Denmark. The most serious offense came when the Danish Authorities refused to return my passport in violation of International Law. I was also illegally imprisoned and threatened with special rendition (drugging and a private jet ride back to the States). That's what we call being re-fouled and it is a serious violation of International Law. I told the Danish Authorities that I would be tortured even harder upon my return to the States.

Before I was transferred to the real prison, while I was still in the play play Refugee Camp prison waiting to be exonerated on all charges, the Agency instructed me to leak publicly known intelligence to my cell mate:

I have since filed a report with the UN and the International Criminal Court. Mange Tak.

Have you ever observed experts using crowd psychology to whip a group of "dummies" into a frenzy?

In case anyone is interested in knowing what sort of reindeer games the Intelligence Community was playing in Santa Ynez Valley during the run-up to the Michael Jackson media blitz...

Once upon a time a little girl cried out for help in a bathroom in the classroom where i was working by special invitation from the Governing Board of the Santa Ynez Presbyterian Church. When I poked my head in the doorway to see what the commotion was, it appeared as if the little girl who was poking her head around the half-wall of the last stall was engaged in a conversation with an "imaginary friend" or an agent of the United States Government (or maybe she was reciting something she saw on TV or a training film)?

The children I played with were well beyond potty training age (The nursery was in a different area).

I promptly alerted my female co-worker (The so-called Pastor's Wife) about the damsel in distress call.

Nowadays, there's even an official partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America:

My! What big credentials you have, Agent Jack-O!

Next: An eWeapons specialist spun me around in circles under the breezeway (on campus).

Then: the Agency incapacitated me in a crowded classroom while a new little girl inappropriately grinded up against my leg. The scene possessed the "feel" of a carefully choreographed Government training film.

At a later date: the same little girl asked me to take her to the bathroom at the Sound of Music viewing. I asked her if her mom and dad were there and instructed her to go ask them to take her to the bathroom.

After she bolted across the gymnasium floor, I elected to do something out of the ordinary to mark the occasion (Operation CYA). My thinking was: if the Agents who are working behind the scenes are ever subpoenaed to testify (and do not invoke the 5th) they may be compelled to offer corroborating evidence on my behalf. I proceeded to make a big production out of marching around in circles on the gym floor where a rather large contingent of the children (I had eaten breakfast with and played football on the playground with after I had finished singing with the Blue Angels Choir) began marching right behind me, Pied Piper style. I am such a drama queen! (Agent training)

It wasn't long after that scene that the Presbyterian/Valley Community Counseling Sting Operation came to a head at the local Burger King (on HWY 246) where some young guy took a little girl into the bathroom. The same guy I had observed hanging his coat over the fence surrounding the playground where the children and I regularly played football while their parents or guardians attended a later service with a different music program.

As a duly authorized mentor with Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian, I offered that young guy some sage advice based on insider information. I heard he was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Disclaimer: some of what I learned was related to me via a long term Santa Ynez Valley resident who claimed to be on medical leave from the Santa Barbara Police Department. He was the guy who had initially made contact with me through my Government Front Organization. He was also the guy who had opened the door by inviting me to Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian and by introducing me to the assumed Pastor (who later claimed that he wasn't). If you can find the footage, check out his drama.

Also, it became known to me through another insider that my contact had been the boy's Mentor. Logically, that would have made him privy to a certain level of protected health information that would have been housed at Valley Community Counseling (Please bear in mind that part of my job was to follow VCC's County Mental Health Services Grant money). I have had to redact certain portions of what was revealed to me to ensure compliance with HIPAA. Also, when last I checked, the Supervisor who had appointed me to the Mental Health Commission was the only one left standing.

Meanwhile, across town at the Catholic Church's St. Paddy's Day "Shenanigans", in a grande dining hall filled to capacity, a new little girl climbed on me like a jungle gym while her guardian looked on and did nothing.

In case you missed it, the way the Government forces me to participate in their little sting operations is always the same: a weapons specialist shoots me with a specific wave and power density that puts me in a semi-lethargic trance-like state wherein I am helpless to do anything but observe the scene.

The U.S. Government directed me to do many "things" inside the Catholic Church:

Incidentally, when I was in Denmark I was tested for epilepsy. The test came back negative.

Beware of trying to diagnose directed energy weapons assault as epilepsy or some other neurological disorder Doctors and PhDs.

"British scientists have shown in a controlled experiment that the extreme bass sound known as infrasound produces a range of bizarre effects in people, including anxiety, extreme sorrow and chills..." Source:

Beware of trying to diagnose directed energy weapons assault as anxiety disorder or depression Doctors and PhDs.

Did your instructors at "god college" teach you how to monitor for directed energy weapons assault?

I'm not aware of any statute of limitations for false witness and covetous practices like molestation.

Another time, a woman stuck my own fingers up my own nostrils during a semi-lethargic eHypnotic trance. I was informed that the Agency was filming the action from the other side of the wall in our little basement apartment. The Agency had been briefing me concerning that particular woman since College. I have often wondered if she was part of Operation Paperclip (OSS)? A grand whiz kid?

When an Agent of the so-called United States Government beats me up so badly that I can't work, and then offers to take care of me (via fraudulent means), that's not a nanny-state; it's a sugar-daddy-state.

And, if a salaried Agent and/or compensated Operative(s) repeatedly force them-self on my sensitive areas, then that makes America a tricked-out government operated brothel.

Legal precedent for Attorney General Holder (in case he ever prosecutes the Intelligence Community):

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S.

This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.

Acts under "color of any law" include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under "color of any law," the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.

Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Have you ever done any think tank type work for the United States Government?

I call this piece: A Case of Ill Logic


The Government's enslaved brothel boy is an (expert) eyewitness of their criminal activities.

If you murder brothel boy, your own judicial system may commute the death sentence (or life in prison).


Discredit said witness by intensifying the directed energy weapons assault on specific parts of his brain.

The resultant set of bioeffects will be perceived by dummies to be symptoms of some mysterious disease.

Action Items:

Identify potential "yes men" by utilizing the Simon-says and Pass-it-on stimulus-response methodologies.

Offer crafty curriculum to all applicants who possess a "monkey-see - monkey-do" personality type.

Enjoin graduates of god college to coin clever names for predictably repeatable "symptoms".

Launch a massive disinformation campaign via skillful "signals intelligence" operatives...

Seek compatriots within the law enforcement apparatus and the penal system (early release program).

Conscript and equip leveraged criminals to leverage any "dummies" who appear to not be on board.

FYI: Make-believe disease is nothing more than a weapons specialist inducing predictably repeatable symptoms bioeffects via directed energy and/or chemical weapons. Study the long list of bioeffects.

In case you're not up to speed on the PsycheHackTrick, their catch-all is called adjustment disorder.

During my appointment to the Santa Barbara County Mental Health Commission, I was invited by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights to serve as a whistle blower.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights:

Be aware of the tell tale signs of torture:

Radiofrequency eTorture has the potential to cause: excruciating constant high frequency noise, chronic dry eye, chronic dry sinus cavities, chronic dry throat, violent coughing fits, violent sneezing fits, shallow breathing, reduced oxygen intake, eAsphyxiation, muscle twitches, muscle spasms, muscle relaxation, shaking, jerking, itching, burned skin, a rash that looks like tiny blood blisters, disabling stomach cramps, disabling motion sickness, cloudy vision, eye jitter, dramatic change in the viscosity of tears; perspiration; nasal secretions; and other bodily excretions, dramatic changes in facial expression, laughing fits, a drowning sensation caused by repetitious swallowing and sudden overproduction of saliva (water boarding), sudden and violent nausea associated by dry heaves, lack of hunger pangs, lack of thirst, voracious appetite, inability to yawn, sleep deprivation, grimacing, groaning, and screaming in agonizing pain, etc.

"British scientists have shown in a controlled experiment that the extreme bass sound known as infrasound produces a range of bizarre effects in people, including anxiety, extreme sorrow and chills..." Source:

Can you believe all those reports about anti-depressants depressing folks to the point of suicide?

See also:

"..."infrasound," can travel long distances permeating buildings, cutting through dense forests, and even passing through mountains. The lower the frequency, the farther the distance the sound can travel." Source:

Do you study Game Theory? How about Crowd Psychology? See: Acts of the Apostles 8:9-11

Are you familiar with the illusion of "false memory":

We begin our little charade by assembling a detainee, an interviewer, and an audience.

A second interviewer also participates in this dramatic production but is not visible to the audience.

The audience is presented with an opportunity to draw the false conclusion that the victim must be responding (under hypnosis) to the visible interviewer's questions in real-time. This misdirection technique draws on the audience's unawareness of the existence of the second interviewer who is conducting a separate interrogation and is, in fact, the true, real-time focus of the interrogee.

An adept Interrogator can also cause the victim to repeat whatever they say like a well trained pirate's parrot. The victim's deadpan delivery (devoid of any emotion) can also serve to mislead a "less than informed" audience. Unless the audience has been trained to recognize this effect, how would they know that the detainee is instinctively repeating the interviewer's bizarre question in an attempt to elicit clarification? In other words, if the audience does not hear a question mark in the speaker's voice, how will they know the victim is merely muttering the Interrogator's psychic queue that has been discussed at length over the course of several decades? Didn't ya know? Me and "the man" be rose-buddies! Similarly, if they are not able to hear the exclamatory tone of the speaker's remark, how can they grasp its mood or meaning (again, devoid of emotion or punctuation)?

Additionally, if need be, they can shoot the victim so they are barely breathing and barely able to speak.

Please be aware that the victim maintains total awareness during and after this type of hypnotic trance.

It is not at all like the scenes portrayed in the Borne films where Matt Damon's character is desperately struggling to recall what happened (See the composition book scene). Anyone who is "in the know" is aware that the victim can recall the entire scene (at will) in one sitting.

If you take steps to dumb-down the audience first, you and your crew can potentially make a killing by extracting the information (that is ever-present and available to the victim) a thimble-full at a time.

Incidentally, the way to determine what really goes on is to personally interview the detainee devoid of directed energy weapons assault (Faraday cage).

The sins committed against me are covetousness (assault and rape) and false witness (fraud).

To my knowledge, there is no "statute of limitations" for sin.

Consider what civilized nations call "security of person": (Article 3)

Consider also what constitutes "cruel and unusual".

Once upon a time, I was (falsely) arrested. Later on, they said it was not an arrest; it was a detention.

The arresting officer had informed me that I was under arrest, I was taken to the Santa Barbara County Jail, and they fingerprinted me. (That's why I was under the distinct impression that I was under arrest.)

Having been informed of my rights, I chose to remain silent.

My thinking was that any citizen had the right to remain silent until a court appointed attorney was present.

While exercising my right to remain silent, I was horribly abused with directed energy weapons.
Eventually, I looked the camera square in the eye and offered them a heaping helping of gobbledygook.

In other words: "great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher's guts".

Do not attempt to bend the spoon with your mind. Only try to realize that the spoon has already been bent (to exacting specifications) with you in mind.

Have you heard about the majestic California Condors that were foraging through garbage cans, scavenging indigestible garbage, winging it back to their lofty nest and shoving it down the throats of hungry yet naive fledglings?

Let their table be a snare... saith someone... some where...

The unwritten rule of Fight Club is... Soup's on! 

I did not go to the trial in Santa Maria nor did I follow Michael Jackson down to Los Angeles.

Instead, I tied up the loose ends and got my pony out a dodge.

The Agency got so upset, they attacked me really hard while I was driving on the Interstate.

I quickly established residency in another state, registered to vote, and voted at my first opportunity.
I reported the child abuse and fraud to the FBI and when they wouldn't arrest the perpetrators, I applied for asylum in Denmark. After being refowled back to the States, I rented a place right next door to a Kindercare Facility for little children (Operation CYA). I rubbed the U.S. Government's collective nose in it for well over a year. My City, State, and Federal Income Tax forms were mailed to and from that particular address. Guess how many feet from my front door to the playground? 

When I reported the directed energy weapons assault to the local Police their initial response was: if you can't tell us who is shooting you, we're not gonna open an investigation.

According to that logic: if a sniper hides (as snipers are wont to do) and shoots you but you're too far away to see their gun permit and NRA membership card, then the police don't see any need to investigate it?

As a tax paying citizen of that jurisdiction, I had assumed sniper fire would "trigger" an "automatic" investigation. Have you ever looked through the scope of a sniper's rifle? I have; it's like looking through binoculars. Are you aware of the range of a sniper's rifle? How about directed energy weapons?

In short, the local Police Department refused to requisition and/or deploy the monitoring equipment necessary to investigate the source of the offending photon stream. (What are Fusion Center Operatives doing? Investigating holes in the ground with their button hole spy cameras?); the local boys and girls also neglected to submit a FOIA request (on my behalf) to the FBI and/or the U.S. Secret Service (Is their Federal Liaison still out to lunch?); and they refused to file a report that may have revealed the name of said Federal Liaison (Accountability).

Instead, I was instructed by my local Police Department to search for other assault victims online.

I searched for victims of beam weapons assault at NowPublic before the NDAA kicked-in.

What has become of my posts at NowPublic's crowd powered media outlet?

"On Sept. 2, 2009 the company was acquired by Clarity Digital Group, LLC, wholly owned by The Anschutz Company, a Denver-based investment company."

"From 27 December 2013 site was closed and the domain is redirected to"


The U.S. Government has not corrected the Fraud they perpetrated during the Michael Jackson OP.

When I contacted the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, to see if they had set the record straight, I was informed that the Detective who had arrested/detained me (and questioned me about some alleged crime I could not possibly have had any thing to do with because, as an operative who was being forced with directed energy weapons to play a part in the Michael Jackson Sting Operation, I was under 24/7 surveillance) was no longer serving as a Detective but had gone back to his old position (Deputy?) with Santa Barbara County.

I honestly wanted to be his friend and share this intel over a pot of coffee; and maybe dinner.

Perhaps, he already had a partner who talked him out of teaming up with a subject matter expert?

I have studied logic for many decades. Here's the way I have been taught to think logical thoughts:

A bank robber and his crew rob a bank. You and your partner are assigned to the high profile case.

Do you ask the security guard, teller, and bank manager: "Why do you think this guy robs banks?"

Is it not infinitely more appropriate to direct that type of question to the FBI's profiler?

After all, victims are not expected to have insight into the psychological profiles of criminals.

No arrests are made, the criminals are grateful, and would love to offer you a percentage of the take.

Next, you and your partner are assigned to a decades olde child molestation case. During your interview with the victim, you ask: "Why do you think the FBI instructed you to contact the United States Secret Service with reference to the molestation?"

Because they're the Agency that forced me to go to their upstairs bedroom at 1309 ________ __ SW.