For what it may be worth, concerning our space ship Earth:

Splitting atoms appears to be destructive in nature.

Rending in sunder releases massive amounts of energy but, how to mitigate all the undesirable byproducts including catastophic accidents?

Joining together as one is a constructive force in nature.

Only relatively small amounts of energy are required to produce an enduring bond that appears to take on a form of it's own.

Do we believe new stars are formed as a result of destructive forces at play, or constructive forces at work?

I wonder how many of our home planet's atoms are expendable (if any)? How many parts per cubic unit are currently considered unhealthy for nurturing baby's breath? What amount of mass can be hung in orbit without upsetting the delicate balance. Which astro-physics group calculates and reports the collective drag coefficient to the satellite office? How much life-giving H2O can we afford to pour out on a dead red planet?

Doth not an event horizon appear to be looming within the fabric of space?

Have not brilliant minds theorized that by going too far, one can draw too close and be sucked into a black hole?

Do the last few grains of sand appear to fall in a more timely fashion than the greater volume which seemed to be taking forever to pass through the narrow bottleneck that joins the upper and lower chambers of our proverbial hour glass?

Fortunately, we still half time to investigate the "matter"
1 day
2 day